Benefits of Reiki are:

·       Deep relaxation

·       Relieves stress anxieties phobias, insomnia and depression

·       Speeds recovery from injuries and illnesses

·       Boosts Body immune system;

·       Relieves pain

·       Releases physical and emotional blocks

·       Detoxifies


 General guidelines for Reiki

 - Reiki is positive Energy with only positive effect. No harm or

   side effect is possible.

 - Reiki is available to everyone, clients under 16 years of age

   need parents’ permission.

 - Reiki needs permission from receiver to be given.

 - Reiki practitioner is only a channel for Reiki. Reiki, a subtle

   but powerful energy, goes only with the pace the client can


 - In the trust to this Energy the practitioner follows the


 - Clients may experience healing response due to                     detoxification of body;                                                         explanation and reassurance is needed.

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The Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki heals on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It also supports the body’s ability to heal itself. It detoxifies and revitalizes the whole body.

Takata an original Reiki master wrote:

“Many years of accumulated toxin finds its way out through the pores. It is a sticky perspiration.”

The UK Reiki Federation writes:” Reiki is a natural healing energy activated by intention. It works on every level, not just physical, and promotes the body’s regenerative healing ability. The purpose of Reiki is to treat any special disorders and to restore homeostasis.”


Reiki hand positions are designed to give energy to organs and glands which are related to the Chakras (energy fields in body)

Reiki is a balancing energy which helps us and our body to keep in equilibrium and health.

The Reiki Practitioner is a channel for this life energy to be received;

In practise it is a very gentle therapy.

By balancing the Energy of every cell in the body, it enhances the body’s own healing power.

The client lies in a relaxing position fully clothed while the practitioner gives the energy in entry points (chakras) by holding the hands over the body or lightly laying them on the cloth.


Enhancing your life

Client feedback:

"I have had some wonderful Reiki from Sylvia.  I have felt her really tuning in to me and somehow she has made me relax in a very deep way - and all with no touch.  She has also done some distant sessions with me to work on a particular issue.  We did 4 sessions, weekly.  We arranged a time and I sat in my home and relaxed while she did the Reiki from her home.  It was a strange experience and something definitely happened in all the sessions.  One session was particularly powerful - I got in touch with some deep anxiety and then it magically disappeared and I felt so calm and peaceful.  I am sure that I could not have done that on my own, so do believe that it was the effect of the Reiki." (January 2013)

Original japenese word meaning

Universal Life Force Energy


Reiki is an ancient and simple hands on method of healing, first described in the original Buddhist's scripts, rediscovered and developed by Dr. Mikao Usui.


Reiki is not linked to any religion or culture and is therefore accessible to all.


Reiki enriches our lives and links us to the Life Force Energy which is present all around us.


Sylvia's own experience with Reiki

Reiki helped me to overcome my phobia of dogs.

In my childhood and as a teenager I had two experiences, when dogs barked right into my face and I was frightened almost to death. This left me with a manic fear whenever I saw a dog and I made diversions or turned back to avoid them.

Working in the community, I had to face this situation at one point and I saw the necessity to work on myself in order to overcome my fear.

 At that time I was already enrolled in a Grade 2 Reiki course, where the Reiki teacher encouraged us to give Distance Reiki to past experiences, for them to be healed. I did this for a week on a regular basis at the same time working on myself by getting in contact with dogs of friends. Observing my own reaction, I noticed quite quickly, that my panic and fear was ceasing. Now I am sometimes weary of strange dogs but the phobia has gone and I have also volunteered to board a Guide dog in training.