The Benefits of Reflexology:

  Strengthens the body system

  Stimulates the Immune system
  Reduces pain
  Helps Asthma and other physical conditions
  Reduces anxiety and helps other stress related 
  For addiction and drug abuse
  For women in all stages of life inc pregnancy and

  For all ages: children, adult and seniors

 Reflexology is a zone treatment of the body which is

 mapped out on feet and hands. By pressing and gentle

 circling those reflex points, tension and blockages in the

 body are released. It also relaxes muscles and revives

 the energy of the body, which gives a feeling of


The client’s own natural healing process gets stimulated

 and toxins are released with this gentle method. Energy

 can flow, and body, mind and spirit become balanced.

 This is a very relaxing therapeutic method, felt on both

 a physical and emotional level.

 With this method only Feet or Hands need to be


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Reflexology is a very popular therapy most often involving massage of the feet though where appropriate hand reflexology can also be used. It is related to acupressure in that it also involves deeper work stimulating pressure of reflex points which correspond (like a map) to different parts of the body via a network of energy channels.

Furthermore, though the skin is at its thickest on the soles of our feet, this is where the most nerve endings are located (approximately 7,000 in each foot), so reflexology also works directly with the nervous system to relieve pain and promote well-being, peace and deep relaxation. It also stimulates the body’s own natural healing mechanisms, aiding the elimination of toxins and helping our systems gently and efficiently back into balance.


Zones of the body on our feet

Balancing body, spirit and mind