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In our high Tech and fast living society we need a rest for body mind and spirit. This wholesome approach is embraced in Complementary Therapy. Alternative Therapies balance those three levels of our being and support our own healing power to develop.
Reiki and Reflexology are treatments for various problems such as stress, insomnia, anxieties and fears, while Indian Head Massage is an ideal treatment for any problems with neck, shoulder, upper back and head. Therefore it is very useful for anyone working long hours on the computer.
The wholesome approach gives the sense of wellness and balance.


Reflexology is a zone treatment of the body which is mapped out on feet and hands.

Indian Head Massage

An Ayurvedic face head shoulder and neck massage practiced in India since ancient times.


Reiki is a balancing energy which helps us and our body to keep in equilibrium and health.

Soul Midwives

Soul Midwives are Holistic and Spiritual Companion to the dying and their family.

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